Monday, March 1, 2010

feb recap...march goals

At a look feb wasnt to bad, nothing great but i guess ok would best describe it, i reached my volume goal of 1000 180 man games, and moved up to the 12$'s so i guess in that respect it was sucessful, i was almost break even for the first half of the month then made a bit of progress, to move up to the 12's, got a little spankin off them, the poker gods just keeping me in check, not letting me get ahead of myself!!

but i wasnt havin that and managed to get back on the horse and grind it back up!

Heres my 18o man graph for feb, hoping to pick up where i left off conyinuing with the 12's, be good to see how far i've come at the end of march with a full month of 12's in the bag.

For march im looking to play 1278 180 mans.....odd number? if i make that then i'll have a 1000 game per month average for 2010, problem for me is playin the 12's i'm not playing as many tables so its either get used to them quick or play more hours either way by the end of march were lookin for 3k games played.

Away from poker had a great weekend there, just back from london, i was over in wembly for the carling cup final, was dissapointed to see rooney not playing after makin the trip, but wasnt long before the great man was in and running things, getting his 28th for the season, in the form he's in i wouldnt bet gainst england going far in the summer.

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