Sunday, March 28, 2010


Hope the heading didnt mislead anyone, i havent puled a dusty schmidt and hit supernova elite in march!!
What it is, i did get some great news during the week when i was contacted by Arron aka johhnyhilldo, one of nicks coaches, where he informed me i was selected to move onto nicks elite training programme, where i will be concentration on the 12s and aiming to move up to the 32s.
It has been a great boost to my confidence as nick isnt someone who would put his trust or confidence in me if thought i wasnt cut out for this game, at the end of the day this is his business and he cant afford to be wasting time or money on someone if he doesnt think they, 1 wont be good enough or havent shown the potential to be and 2 wont work their ass off to make sure they succeed.
I wanna thank nick and his crew for the improvements in my game as you will see from the graph below, my lifetime stars graph before i started with nick i was clearly a tournament fish!
i was simply a nit and far to passive, and when i would go deep i would end up getting AA,or KK cracked by Q10 etc near the bubble and bitch bout being unlucky when really i just ante'd myself to death and when i did push the big hands players had the odds to call, i just didnt get involved without a monster!!
on the graph below no 1 is where i started with nick at he end of Nov and no2 is where i moved up to the 12's at the mid of Feb.

The last month we have been getting work done on the house so i didnt quit get the volume in that i would of hoped but thats nerly done now so from april1 on i am going to play a mimimum of 1500 games per month, puttin in 50/60 hours per week, i also want to make more time for the GF Clare, shes been great through all this and i wanna thank her for her support, its diffucult to schdule everything with the time difference between here and the US. as your playing half the night and half asleep during the day!!
Well, i'm starting to ramble so i'll head! just again wanna thank nick for getting me this far and i'm really looking forward to working on this programme, and again thanks clare for putting up with my shit up till now!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

a bit sick and first big downswing

well the las week moved away from the script a little!!
i havent been feeling great the last week constantly tired and not myself, when i was trying to play i was not concentrating 100% and my results have shown, after a great start to the month i've now gone 0 for 90, although this has happened at the 2's, then it was meh 100 bucks, now its over 1K, thats something i find hard to deal with, and this week has really tested my resolve and has been mentaly very challenging.
I can blame being tired or bad luck or whatever, but that would just makin excuses, bottom line i'm responsible for my results and although the last few days i've been feelin sorry for myself, today that shit needs to stop i need to study more and focus more when playin.,
I'm gonna cut back on the 12's i play today and add some 2's, i can either sit and bitch bout not running good or i can get the fingure out and work harder.
so stay out of my way today cause i'm like a wounded lion and i'm, not takin no shit from noone!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

mid march update

Hi, well things have been going great this month hopefully they continue, Nick been doing some reviews with us and every time i seem to pick up something even if it seems small at the time, if you come across it thousands of times when your playin each of them small edges will add up to big result!!!
Getting work done on the house so volume still down but hopefully in the next to weeks i'll get that back up and i will make sure i hitr my volume goal,
still running good at the 12's for now so long may that last, tried a few 36's but no joy there yet. tried sateliting into some sunday tourneys yestrday but bombed there, also played the mini ftop yesterday busting out close to the money with jj running into AA, oh well gg!
heres a quick look at my 180 man graph for March so far, lets keep it going!!
gl at the tables

Monday, March 8, 2010

Exciting opportunity

Hi, all still going well so far in march, was a little down in volume, i got a few days work last week and couldnt play so only got 158 games in, still running good in the 12s though, just need to amp up the agression, was on a final table with my coach john and realised that i sometimes play like a pansy!! there were a number of spots that i should of pushed but was chicken to pull the trigger, something i need to wean out of my game.

The main coach of the system our very own yoda! nick Rainey, aka mi_turtle on stars is holding a 75 minute webinar on sat and i would highly recommend it, his teaching has has clearly turned my game around, and as you cansee from his graph he knows how to kill fish better than john west!!

"Discover the Secret to crushing MTT/SNG’s

Learn how to crush MTT/SNG’s from one of best online grinders Saturday March 13th at 1:00 pm Pacific time. Watch and listen as Nick reviews from start to finish a recent 180 man SNG on PokerStars. The 75 minute experience also includes a fifteen minute Q&A session at the end. For only $29.95 you can participate in this interactive review and take your poker to the next level. Learn the secrets of MTT/SNG’s and improve all parts of your game, from the early stages to final table strategy.

Click on the Buy Now button if you would like to pay with PayPal. If you want to pay with a PokerStars transfer, send $29.95 to MI_turtle (Los Angeles) and email You will receive a confirmation email with information regarding the live review."

If your still not impressed by his stats head over to mediocre poker and listen to his interview bout how he came up, and his insane work ethic and dedication to being the best he can

Monday, March 1, 2010

feb recap...march goals

At a look feb wasnt to bad, nothing great but i guess ok would best describe it, i reached my volume goal of 1000 180 man games, and moved up to the 12$'s so i guess in that respect it was sucessful, i was almost break even for the first half of the month then made a bit of progress, to move up to the 12's, got a little spankin off them, the poker gods just keeping me in check, not letting me get ahead of myself!!

but i wasnt havin that and managed to get back on the horse and grind it back up!

Heres my 18o man graph for feb, hoping to pick up where i left off conyinuing with the 12's, be good to see how far i've come at the end of march with a full month of 12's in the bag.

For march im looking to play 1278 180 mans.....odd number? if i make that then i'll have a 1000 game per month average for 2010, problem for me is playin the 12's i'm not playing as many tables so its either get used to them quick or play more hours either way by the end of march were lookin for 3k games played.

Away from poker had a great weekend there, just back from london, i was over in wembly for the carling cup final, was dissapointed to see rooney not playing after makin the trip, but wasnt long before the great man was in and running things, getting his 28th for the season, in the form he's in i wouldnt bet gainst england going far in the summer.