Monday, March 8, 2010

Exciting opportunity

Hi, all still going well so far in march, was a little down in volume, i got a few days work last week and couldnt play so only got 158 games in, still running good in the 12s though, just need to amp up the agression, was on a final table with my coach john and realised that i sometimes play like a pansy!! there were a number of spots that i should of pushed but was chicken to pull the trigger, something i need to wean out of my game.

The main coach of the system our very own yoda! nick Rainey, aka mi_turtle on stars is holding a 75 minute webinar on sat and i would highly recommend it, his teaching has has clearly turned my game around, and as you cansee from his graph he knows how to kill fish better than john west!!

"Discover the Secret to crushing MTT/SNG’s

Learn how to crush MTT/SNG’s from one of best online grinders Saturday March 13th at 1:00 pm Pacific time. Watch and listen as Nick reviews from start to finish a recent 180 man SNG on PokerStars. The 75 minute experience also includes a fifteen minute Q&A session at the end. For only $29.95 you can participate in this interactive review and take your poker to the next level. Learn the secrets of MTT/SNG’s and improve all parts of your game, from the early stages to final table strategy.

Click on the Buy Now button if you would like to pay with PayPal. If you want to pay with a PokerStars transfer, send $29.95 to MI_turtle (Los Angeles) and email You will receive a confirmation email with information regarding the live review."

If your still not impressed by his stats head over to mediocre poker and listen to his interview bout how he came up, and his insane work ethic and dedication to being the best he can

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