Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Veas Trip

Back now a few days from my trip to vegas to train in the rainman mansion, i have to say it was by far the hardest 10 days work ive ever had to do, anyone who thinks being an online poker player is an easy liofe is sorlely mistaken, between grinding and hand history reviews it was a 12 to 14 hour day, everyday.
the great thing bout being on pacific time is the games pretty much run from morning to evening, so a standard day was get up bout 7, star playing bout 8 for 100 games which usually took bout 12 hours if i took a break during the day then review hand histories for and hour or two, sometimes more if nick got on a roll with the replayer!!
the firs 3 nights i was in bed by half 10 completly shattered, the first time i left the house was 4 days in when we got out for a fat burger!! managed to get out another night for couple of hours to play some live poker at aria an tbh it was like pulling teeth, after pplaying 10-12 tables all day then sitting there at a live table waiting for your turn i was honestly struggling to stay awake!! we fit in a game pof bowling and went for a meal too but apart from that it was all work and the strip could of been a million miles away.
while i was there my goal was to play 100 tournaments a day which meant i had to up my tables to 12 at a time and was out of my comfort zone, and some days would question my ability to cut it with thwe other players, but after some good reviews and noticing some small errors that i was making ive been ables to pull things toghether ive dropped back to 9-10 tables and feel comfortable there which is an improvement since i was 6-8 tabling before i went out.
i would like to thank Nick Aaron and bodeye for all their help with everything, and the set up they gave us to work with, before i went out i bought a laptop and played on iy for a week thinking i would need to get used to it for the trip, but when i got there each student had their own set up with pc, and dual 22@ monitors which was pretty cool, and i would like to give a shout to all the lads in the house, i met a great bunch of lads who are all either crushing or are on their way to crushing the 180's for some ime to come, look forward to meeting up again.
heres a few pics from the house i'll be back on soon give a results update from the month, my graphs like an advert for varience, with the ups and downs due to adding tables and playing longer sessions than i was ever used to.

and lastly the man himself, mr mi_turtle......two tabling!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

mays over!

May was defiantly my toughest month so far, igot off to a slow start with both volume and results, and i wasn't working as hard off the tables reviewing etc,
i started to review my hand histories and tbh i was happy enough with how i was playing and was genuinely getting unlucky at key points in the game,(not that i wasn't sucking out my own fair share) just when it got down to 12/13 players left i was loosing flips and running into big hands where another day i win the race and have a big stack going onto the final table.
Another reason for the lack of volume is that I'm still only 6/7 tabling,whenever i move up to 9/10 i feel out my comfort zone and start to make unforced errors, that's another thing i will be working on improving, i also have been trying out some new times for playin, since i'm in the eurozone i've been playing through the night, so i've been trying playing more normal times, but unfortunatly the games just dont run enough during the day my time so i guess i'll have to go back to playin more at nighttime.
then for whatever reason in the latter half of the month i started tilting over beats i was getting, when kings loose to jacks I'd spend the next 10 Min's bitching bout it when i have other games i need to concentrate on, before i just got on with it cause i know on another table i prob just cracked aces with my J7!!so that's something i defiantly need to eradicate.
another problem creeping into my game is my concentration, I've started to let my mind wander and on a number of occasions found myself looking at twitter or facebook when I'm playing or just thinking bout random shit that's nothing to do with the games I'm playing.

games played 1026
profit $771
on a positive note since Ive been bitching for the last rant! after all i did make a profit!!
i booked my flights to Vegas to learn from the main men nick, Aaron and bodeye, and also there will be a bunch of students there I'm looking forward to meeting, I'm flying out the 13th till the 24Th June and am pretty excited bout the trip, and tbh a bit nervous, theres some pretty high standards that have to be met out there.
i got a new 17" laptop yesterday for the trip, took me half the day to get it set up yesterday, so I'll be playing my games on that for the next few weeks to get used to it before i go, that's all for now gl everyone,
oh yeah, big congrats to the foxyshazam who took down back to back $36 180 mans last night, some achievement mate well done