Sunday, March 28, 2010


Hope the heading didnt mislead anyone, i havent puled a dusty schmidt and hit supernova elite in march!!
What it is, i did get some great news during the week when i was contacted by Arron aka johhnyhilldo, one of nicks coaches, where he informed me i was selected to move onto nicks elite training programme, where i will be concentration on the 12s and aiming to move up to the 32s.
It has been a great boost to my confidence as nick isnt someone who would put his trust or confidence in me if thought i wasnt cut out for this game, at the end of the day this is his business and he cant afford to be wasting time or money on someone if he doesnt think they, 1 wont be good enough or havent shown the potential to be and 2 wont work their ass off to make sure they succeed.
I wanna thank nick and his crew for the improvements in my game as you will see from the graph below, my lifetime stars graph before i started with nick i was clearly a tournament fish!
i was simply a nit and far to passive, and when i would go deep i would end up getting AA,or KK cracked by Q10 etc near the bubble and bitch bout being unlucky when really i just ante'd myself to death and when i did push the big hands players had the odds to call, i just didnt get involved without a monster!!
on the graph below no 1 is where i started with nick at he end of Nov and no2 is where i moved up to the 12's at the mid of Feb.

The last month we have been getting work done on the house so i didnt quit get the volume in that i would of hoped but thats nerly done now so from april1 on i am going to play a mimimum of 1500 games per month, puttin in 50/60 hours per week, i also want to make more time for the GF Clare, shes been great through all this and i wanna thank her for her support, its diffucult to schdule everything with the time difference between here and the US. as your playing half the night and half asleep during the day!!
Well, i'm starting to ramble so i'll head! just again wanna thank nick for getting me this far and i'm really looking forward to working on this programme, and again thanks clare for putting up with my shit up till now!!!


  1. we'll catch the same flight to LA ;-)

  2. Sorry , I'm a bit slow.
    Who is nic and what training program?
    If its a training program for poker,Ill post it on my blog. I knew him when ... LOL

    Other than that I am very happy for you!!!

  3. Nick rainey, mi_turtle on stars he stakes and trains students of poker check him out

  4. Hey ben, nice results. We saw us often on the tables... till next FT...