Friday, April 23, 2010

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Internet oh internet!

Just a quick post for anyone out there who like me still hasn't had the good sense to get a back up Internet, go do it!
again last night mine went out, was having one of them nights were nothing was going right and was bout 0 for 30 or so, then as if the poker gods said the yd give me a little something something for my perseverance the cards started falling into place and i started building some stacks, had a bout 8 tables going with nice stacks building and 2nd in chips in 1 of them with 15 left, obv a lockdown at that point lol!
on the stroke of midnight the Internet went out! After bout 20 mins doing laps of the house and Clare wondering why i was getting some extra running in and not working i gave up and brought Ellie for a walk to clear my head, not to many people out at that time but the ones who were gave me some funny looks as to what i was doing walking around the estates at close to 1 am with a German Sheppard in tow!!
First thing on my agenda today is to hit the o2 shop and get hooked up with some mobile Internet
GL everyone

Saturday, April 17, 2010

a live outing

yes believe it or not i left the house! needed to get out for a bit and take a night off from the computer, so for my first live outing of the year i went over to naas to the loft for their monthly tournament, when i got their i realised quickly that it wasn't a recreational tournament with a field of 50 of some the faces of Irish poker.
it was a really enjoyable night and i really feel from all the online play that my live play was much different, spots were opening up to me that i never would of seen before and overall i felt much more comfortable with reads etc only needing to suck out once throughout the nigh when my A7 clubs out ran AQ of the BB late at the final table.
so much for getting away from the 180s for a night as when i sat down at the final table Laoise Hammer, a 12 180 man reg was sitting next to me, could of made for some interesting bvb collisions but never happened!!
i got chatting to him at the break and on "my night off" spent the breaks chatting bout the 180's!!
ended up chopping it 3 ways with me and the larger stack taking 1700 each and the shorter stack taking 1400, so happy with my nights work! hopefully I'll get out again before jP's masters in the beginning of May
GL everyone

Thursday, April 15, 2010

April update

april been a month of ups and downs that you get with tournament life, im still struggling with the emotional roller coaster that it is, perfect example being the other night playin a session 1 was 0 for bout 40 and was fit to throw the computer mouse monitors and possibly myself out the attic window when bang bang a first and a second in 2 of my last 5 games and it was a good nights work! even still i was drained to say the least, i'm not stupid i know by now the stretches you go on without a win but for some reason it still gets to me and has me questioning all sorts bout my play, when its just shit, and shit happens!!

been working with nick and finding some spots in my late game that i need to work on and turn those 4th and 5ths into 1st's
i'm behind on my volume goal for the month with 606 games played so far, partly down to droppin back to 8 tables again, playing 12 i was out of my comfort zone and feel it was costin me money, at 8 i'm comfortable and am gonna add tables a bit slower, so to make up for playin less tables i'm tryin to find more hours in the day to get the volume in!

after 606 games im up bout 1400, which bring me back to where i was this time last month after the disaster which was the end of march!

GL at the tables all!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mar recap April goals

All in all things went well in Mar considering the last two weeks were poker hell!!, got out of the traps flyin and felt untouchable for the first two weeks, then got a dose of reality and what tournament life is like and dropped like 150 buy-ins, hence the importance of good BR!! luckily i had bout 200 buy ins in my account.
Still finished the month up bout 1750 for my 180 mans and got moved onto nicks elite team so happy enough. Got a personal best for the stars monthly tlb point too with 4404 leaving me in 400th or so position. as we speak there is bout 5 hrs left in the race for tlb and nick still has a good hold of top spot with bout 800 points between him and bfizz11, so he should lock it down,
heres my 180 man graph for March

as you can see stumbled the latter half of the month but i'll put that to right soon enough!
For April my goals are simple 1500 minimum games ajnd i'll let the money take care of its self.
This is the first month that i will be treating poker as my job firs and formost, the last few months i've been doing stuff in the house and other things, when i was playin at night i was tired and cutting sessions short etc, and by the middle to end of week i was like a zombie. This month i'm scheduling poker work hours and going to make sure i get enough sleep after i finish my sessions, that in its self has to be +EV!!
GL everyone