Thursday, April 22, 2010

Internet oh internet!

Just a quick post for anyone out there who like me still hasn't had the good sense to get a back up Internet, go do it!
again last night mine went out, was having one of them nights were nothing was going right and was bout 0 for 30 or so, then as if the poker gods said the yd give me a little something something for my perseverance the cards started falling into place and i started building some stacks, had a bout 8 tables going with nice stacks building and 2nd in chips in 1 of them with 15 left, obv a lockdown at that point lol!
on the stroke of midnight the Internet went out! After bout 20 mins doing laps of the house and Clare wondering why i was getting some extra running in and not working i gave up and brought Ellie for a walk to clear my head, not to many people out at that time but the ones who were gave me some funny looks as to what i was doing walking around the estates at close to 1 am with a German Sheppard in tow!!
First thing on my agenda today is to hit the o2 shop and get hooked up with some mobile Internet
GL everyone

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