Thursday, April 15, 2010

April update

april been a month of ups and downs that you get with tournament life, im still struggling with the emotional roller coaster that it is, perfect example being the other night playin a session 1 was 0 for bout 40 and was fit to throw the computer mouse monitors and possibly myself out the attic window when bang bang a first and a second in 2 of my last 5 games and it was a good nights work! even still i was drained to say the least, i'm not stupid i know by now the stretches you go on without a win but for some reason it still gets to me and has me questioning all sorts bout my play, when its just shit, and shit happens!!

been working with nick and finding some spots in my late game that i need to work on and turn those 4th and 5ths into 1st's
i'm behind on my volume goal for the month with 606 games played so far, partly down to droppin back to 8 tables again, playing 12 i was out of my comfort zone and feel it was costin me money, at 8 i'm comfortable and am gonna add tables a bit slower, so to make up for playin less tables i'm tryin to find more hours in the day to get the volume in!

after 606 games im up bout 1400, which bring me back to where i was this time last month after the disaster which was the end of march!

GL at the tables all!

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