Saturday, April 17, 2010

a live outing

yes believe it or not i left the house! needed to get out for a bit and take a night off from the computer, so for my first live outing of the year i went over to naas to the loft for their monthly tournament, when i got their i realised quickly that it wasn't a recreational tournament with a field of 50 of some the faces of Irish poker.
it was a really enjoyable night and i really feel from all the online play that my live play was much different, spots were opening up to me that i never would of seen before and overall i felt much more comfortable with reads etc only needing to suck out once throughout the nigh when my A7 clubs out ran AQ of the BB late at the final table.
so much for getting away from the 180s for a night as when i sat down at the final table Laoise Hammer, a 12 180 man reg was sitting next to me, could of made for some interesting bvb collisions but never happened!!
i got chatting to him at the break and on "my night off" spent the breaks chatting bout the 180's!!
ended up chopping it 3 ways with me and the larger stack taking 1700 each and the shorter stack taking 1400, so happy with my nights work! hopefully I'll get out again before jP's masters in the beginning of May
GL everyone


  1. Well done ben, delighted you won it after i got knocked out. nice to meet ya and probly see you at a few more things in the future anyway

  2. thanks hammer, good to meet you too, see ya again