Monday, March 15, 2010

mid march update

Hi, well things have been going great this month hopefully they continue, Nick been doing some reviews with us and every time i seem to pick up something even if it seems small at the time, if you come across it thousands of times when your playin each of them small edges will add up to big result!!!
Getting work done on the house so volume still down but hopefully in the next to weeks i'll get that back up and i will make sure i hitr my volume goal,
still running good at the 12's for now so long may that last, tried a few 36's but no joy there yet. tried sateliting into some sunday tourneys yestrday but bombed there, also played the mini ftop yesterday busting out close to the money with jj running into AA, oh well gg!
heres a quick look at my 180 man graph for March so far, lets keep it going!!
gl at the tables