Monday, February 22, 2010

Climbing higher!!

I reported before that i had reached base camp! Thankfully i've now moved up to the next level and am mixing in some 12's, even better i'm running good at them which is always nice when you move up, gives you a bit of breathing space for when i do have a down turn!!
only playing them 3 days but i've chalked up some deep runs each day, with a couple of seconds and today breaking the duck and logging my first win......its like taking down the lotto compared to winning a 2 dollar!!
my volume gonna be slightly down as i get used to the new buy in dropping back to bout 6 tables so i can focus on whats going on, i was playing a bit on auto pilot with the 2's playing 10-12 tables, really playing my cards and not putting people on ranges so much, the last week nick has been running webinars dealing with this topic and i feel dropping back some tables and applying what he's teaching is really helping me.
i also had a deep run in the daily 80k which is a 200k on sundays which was nice, turned a 15$ sit-n-go sat into just under 400$, bust out hand shipping 55 in the sb to be snapped off by A7, had bout 18 bb so not sure if it was the right move, but at the same time i didn't wanna raise fold so just shipped and let the poker gods play the hand, unfortunatly they decided to give him 2 pair gg !!
Happy enough all in all with my biggest winning day so far profiting just over 800$....mightn't be a lot to the ballers out there but when ya just move up from the 2's its gold!!
gl everyone

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