Monday, February 15, 2010

im at base camp!!

Hi , i was talking the last day bout getting back to the 7's turning into an everest, so this week i stayed away from the cashier and just concentrated on playing,and sure enough the results started going my way, and more importantly i was enjoying playing more, while i wasnt so worried checking my balance after every hand!! i just played poker and let them come to me.
after 2 weeks of feb i've broken the 500 mark, nick gave me a goal of playing 750 this month but personally i think i should be getting in at least the 1k mark, especially if your grinding the 2's if you wanna show any sort of mark up you need the volume, i'm at 550 now so once i can keep it up i should get 1k and more in this month.
on another note, any you guys in the gym ever look in the spinning class and think it was just for girls? yeah me too!!
so when a few of my mates where doing it (with their girlfriends) i thought yeah sure how hard can it God!!! Its pain on wheels, after bout 10 mins i couldnt feel me legs! needless to say i'm out of shape and that needs some attention!!
gl at the tables everyone

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  1. Good work Ben! Keep it going! Andy