Monday, February 8, 2010

So after a week off work i managed to grind a ton, between spending the mornings looking for a new job and playing in the afternoon and evenings i managed to put in 35 hrs game time with bout an hour study each day, that ran me 278 games for a slight profit.
it seems i've got myself an everest!! By constantly checking if i'm over the hump to play the 7's again it's like i'm always just under i break through slightly then fall under again and so on and so on!!
Nick told me not to set profit goals rather to concentrate on volume and let the profits follow, so this week i'm not gonna check my balance, i'm just gonna grind my ass off and play as best as i possible can.
another thing i'm still struggling with is the beats late in the game, i know its part of it and i'm sure i suck out more than my fair share on route to the final table, but when you get it in with qq v q4 on a j84 board to see a 4 fall on the river that stil kills!! after getting so deep and 4th is basically min cash with trimmings, like ricky bobby says if your not first your last!!
GL everyone

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  1. hey Ben

    the beats when deep are a killer mate, I can handle them. Especially final table chip leader pots