Monday, February 1, 2010

jan recap

Well januarys done, Didnt meet my goals in jan, had a roller coaster month up down and again up again, nearly back up at what i need to play the 7's again, but still a way off the sharkscope leaderboard.
Finished up in my job in the college on friday my contract ran out the end of jan,
so i guess i'll have to find something to fill my days while i'm lookin for a new job....hmmm i wonder what will be!!
Since my family were home in jan i was out more than i'm used to these days, so now everything settled down and back to normal i can start with fullfilling my new years resoloutions,
the main one being, that i want to get fit again, having all my life playing gaa and football i was always fit. but i guess when you spend all your free time sitting in front of a computer eating crap that goes out the window!!
so its back training 3...4 times a week and eating healthy once again.
My poker goals for feb are 1 to keep chasing a spot on the sharkscope leader board and 2 to play 1500 (edit) make that 1000!! short month! 180 mans.
GL everyone

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