Friday, January 15, 2010

Back to the 2's

Ah well, no sooner had i started playing the 7's then i had dropped under the 150 buy ins i want for them, only played bout 20 of them and was doing ok pretty much even, but wasnt running great at the 2's so dropped the 7's till i get back up.

then when i finally started to run good last night and i was sitting on 2 final tables 2nd in chips on both with 4 and 8 players left on them, eircom decided to go off on me!!!I was running around like a lunatic checking modems, reparing ip address etc, by the time i had got back online it was all over, blinded out in 4th and 5th.

just as well i'm not a high stakes mass grinder, i had 4 tables of $2 going and i was in meltdown lol.

Didnt play a whole lot as my brother and sister are home from australia for a couple of weeks for my dads birthday, so was spending some time with them, Went into town tuesday and done the tour of the guinness store house......very touristy, even though were all from Dublin!! and had a few pints round temple bar so that was a good day out.

Hope to get back into the grind and up my volume as i'm very happy with how i'm progressing and approaching the games even if i'm running into hands at crucial times, my main goals at the momont are to get my roll back up to play the 7's regurly by the end of january and to make the sharscope leaderboard for $2 games <6 tables, So i'm gonna make a real push for that over the next 2 weeks!
Wish me luck lol


  1. Unlucky to run bad when you moved up but good discipline.

    Ugh tio connection problems: once blinded out of over 1K of stts that way

  2. thanks dara, ouch on the 1k, guess my couple of $2 games aint so bad lol! ps congrats on the heads up

  3. hey ben, what stars leaderboards run for just the $2 180's??? thought it was just TLB for all stakes?

  4. not the stars tlb,, they have leaderboards and you can filter them for amount of tables and stakes

  5. Good luck with rebuilding in the 180's.

    I've not played them in an age but remember the 2/180's were complete madness!