Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy new year everyone! Now christmas is over time to get back to reality and try build this bankroll with some effect!
been up and down since the last time going on another 100 game loosing streak to turning it around again over the last few days of 09, started throwing in some $4 180's with my $2's and they brought me back to winning ways, they seem handy enough, 15 minute blinds so for the first hour you can sit back while everyone kills each other off!!
all in all between the 2's and 4's played 278 with a 50% roi, so i'm still moving upwards!!
Hope everyone has a great 2010
congrats to doke and big mick on shipping manchester ukipt tickets and big micks elite status


  1. Thanks Ben.

    Looks like you're moving nicely and disciplinedly up through the levels

  2. Thanks Dara,
    first time i've stuck to br managment.....first time my graph looked nice going up from left to right!!