Tuesday, December 15, 2009

downswing and table ninja

Got our new puppy 'ellie' on tuesday so that put a dent in the amount of tourneys i got in tue and wed, was happy enough tbh, was running like shit from the weekend and went on my first little downswing since i started on the 180's went bout 90 without a ft, and started to panic a little!! had another coaching session on wed and went over some hh, was happy enough when john told me i was doing fine and to keep at it, in mtts its not uncommon for these ...(and bigger) non cash streches and once im makin the right plays the varience will balance itself out with volume.
I've heard people talking bout table ninja but never really knew what it was, so i looked it up.......godsend if your multitabling, no more wasting time scrolling thriugh lobbys and the hotkeys are gift!!
i started mixing in some $3 45 mans with my $2 180's and not doing to bad so far
finished up the week turning around my downswing and being up a couple of hundred bucks so happy enough!
my weeks results
$3 45 man's played 73, roi 58%, profit $138
$2 180 man's played 213, roi 22%, profit $98

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