Friday, December 4, 2009

My 180 man journey begins!!

So i've been playing poker a bit, up and down up and down.....ya know how it goes.
so i got a coach and he's makin me stick to bankroll managment etc and only playing the 180 mans on stars, he started me on a $300 br, playing the $2 180 turbos.
So i thought i'd use this to keep a sort of diary of how it goes and where it takes me! A week done and 250 games in the bag and i'm up to $550...wont pay the mortgage but lets see, with his coachin, good discipline, and a shit load of grinding, Who knows where the journey will go!!!


  1. What buyins are you playing? Not tried the Stars 180s - are they soft?

  2. only playin the $2 at the min, yeah they seem to be soft enough, i find keepin a tight is right approach and you'll find plenty of people wantin to call off a shove with their K 8!